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The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) is a State of Texas funded program designed to provide free technical assistance and speed transfer of space technology to the private sector.  By giving free technology assistance to small businesses, SATOP helps them solve their challenges and increase their chances of succeeding.

The goal of SATOP is to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the U.S. Space Program. Composed of an alliance of space companies, universities, and colleges, SATOP finds professionals within these alliance partners who volunteer their time and expertise in solving the challenges brought forth by the inquiring businesses.

Alliance partners provide up to 40 hours of free technical assistance through SATOP.  SATOP has helped companies with machine design, process engineering, material selection, and many other technical issues.

For more information about this valuable program, contact Bob Payne, SATOP program manager, at 832.536.3255, email payne@bayareahouston.com or visit http://www.satop.space/.

As the aerospace industry in the Bay Area Houston region transitioned following the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program and cancellation of the Constellation Program, a critical need was created to retain the intellectual capital of this country’s human space exploration program as well as to facilitate usage of the unique capabilities offered at NASA Johnson Space Center.  To this end, Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership founded the Bay Area Houston Advanced Technology Consortium (BayTech), a 501(c)(3) technology consortium, that brings together academia, industry, NASA Johnson Space Center, and the State of Texas. 

BayTech pursues research and technology development funding opportunities and partnerships to support technology development in the Bay Area Houston region thereby creating new opportunities for this region’s unique human spaceflight engineering expertise.  This creates jobs and provides new revenue streams maximizing future opportunities for Texas and the greater Houston region.

BayTech’s goals are to create and retain jobs and business in Bay Area Houston by:
  • Acquiring public and private research and technology development funding
  • Securing customers and providing simplified access to NASA JSC capabilities
  • Pursuing partnerships to support technology development
For additional information, contact Kim Morris, BayTech director, at 832.536.3260, or visit www.baytechsolutions.org.

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