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Committees and Initiatives

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership (BAHEP) conducts its business through member-driven committees and initiatives. Each member organization designates a lead member, who in turn might designate others from the organization to serve on committees.

Board of Directors and Executive Committee:

BAHEP’s direction and governance are guided by its board of directors, up to 48 lead members who are nominated and elected by all members to serve up to two consecutive, three-year terms. To assure operational timeliness and efficiency, BAHEP’s directors annually elect a 13-member executive committee, comprised of five officers and eight other members. In addition, there are 12 ex-officio members of the board and six ex-officio members of the executive committee.

Industry Committees

Representatives of the region’s four primary industry clusters – aerospace, healthcare | lifesciences, specialty chemical, and maritime – meet to address issues of mutual interest to the respective companies.

Aerospace Advisory Committee:

The AAC's mission is to promote and provide continuing support and commitment to the space programs and space operations functions being implemented by NASA Johnson Space Center. The AAC recommends and implements initiatives to support the interests of NASA JSC and the local aerospace community.
Team NASA: As a team comprised of NASA, contractor and community representatives, Team NASA builds a seamless partnership with JSC to enhance employee, contractor and community activities.
Space Center Volunteers: SCV consists of contract and civil space industry employees working together in the community to improve life on Earth.
Citizens For Space Exploration: The mission of CSE is to promote awareness and advocate support for NASA and America’s Space Exploration Program.

Healthcare Committee:

The Healthcare Committee’s mission is to promote and provide continuing support and commitment to the region’s burgeoning medical and biomedical facilities, clinical and patient-based capabilities, research, and supporting business.

International Maritime Advisory Committee:

IMAC’s mission is to support, advise, and advocate on matters relating to the region’s maritime industry, ports, and supporting intermodal transportation infrastructure and to review and make recommendations on strategic and policy level decisions to improve the overall operating environment. The maritime industry encompasses ports, the sea-land-air transportation infrastructure, and the workforce that supports this vital national resource.

Specialty Chemical Committee:

The Specialty Chemical Committee’s mission is to promote and provide continuing support and commitment to the region’s specialty chemical industry, one of the world’s largest clusters for the industry.

Economic Development Committees

Issues of regional importance are addressed through a variety of economic development committees, all of which coordinate their activities with industry committees as appropriate. These committees are responsible for creating an annual action plan, implementing that plan, and reporting their progress to the board of directors as a part of BAHEP’s annual planning process.

Education and Workforce Development Committee:

The EWDC’s mission is to enhance Bay Area Houston’s overall economic development and quality of life by collaborating to create a world-class education and training community; advocating for education; sharing best-practices; supporting regional economic development; assisting member organizations to achieve their respective goals; and establishing innovative and effective partnerships. The committee membership includes leadership in business, K-12 education and higher education.

Small Business Committee:

The SBC’s mission is to support the region’s small businesses by creating an environment for opportunity and advancement. The committee membership considers the full range of issues from entrepreneurship to contracting to regional trend assessment.

Communications Committee:

The mission of the Communications Committee is to engage business leaders in the communications, marketing, journalism, public relations, graphic design and advertising industries to collaborate on public relations projects and events. In addition, the committee addresses issues that affect the overall economic climate and quality of life across the region.

Political Protocol Committee:

The PPC's mission is to provide a forum for discussion, communication and outreach on issues affecting businesses in Bay Area Houston to elected officials, candidates and other key individuals.

International Business Development Committee:

The mission of the IBDC is to support the regional opportunities to recruit, retain, expand and create international business. The IBDC assists in organizing and sponsoring trade delegations and visits from international representatives.

Quasar Award Banquet Committee:

The committee plans and prepares for the Annual Quasar Award Banquet held each January, the highlight and kick-off for the year. Attended by approximately 650 prominent business leaders and elected officials at the local, state and national levels, the banquet honors outstanding leaders and establishes the agenda for the year. In addition, members of the committee also support the innumerable events BAHEP hosts annually.

Economic Development Initiatives

BAHEP’s regional leadership in economic develop extends to creating, implementing and sustaining new initiatives that target specific areas of economic interest. These proactive initiatives have resulted in thousands of new jobs and regional revitalization.

Bay Area Houston Advanced Technology Consortium:

BayTech is a technology consortium brings together academia, industry, NASA-JSC, and the State of Texas to pursue federal and private research and technology development funding, to leverage NASA resources, to provide training, and to promote technology development and transfer.

Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program:

SATOP transfers the knowledge and technology of the space program to small businesses by assisting the small business with up to 40 hours of free technical assistance from a scientist or engineer in the space program.

Pumps And Pipes:

The Pumps and Pipes initiative combines the technological expertise of the region’s aerospace industry with that of the medical industry and the oil and gas industry to encourage cross-industry collaboration, new product development, research, and multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems.

Ellington Field Task Force:

The Ellington Field Task Force focuses on retention and enhancement of the joint reserve base military presence at Ellington Field.

Storm Surge Protection:

The storm surge protection initiative provides coordination, information, and support for the construction of the Ike Dike and other comprehensive solutions to protect lives and property along the Gulf Coast.

BAHEP Cares:

BAHEP Cares: Jobs for Vets is a volunteer effort to connect regional employers with military veterans to secure jobs for the veterans.

Community Partnerships:

Community partnerships refers to the many alliances BAHEP supports with regional not-for-profits to sustain a high quality of life and to encourage partnerships in support of worthwhile initiatives.

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