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BAHEP Partners

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership supports the aspirations of 13 cities, Harris and Galveston counties, the Port of Houston Authority, regional businesses, and dozens of other businesses in its service area.

BAHEP’s role is complex, but essential to sustaining the region’s economy and high quality of life.

BAHEP’s many partners include the following:

NASA Johnson Space Center

NASA Johnson Space Center was established in 1961 as the Manned Spacecraft Center. In 1973, the center was renamed in honor of the late president and Texas native, Lyndon B. Johnson. JSC is home to the astronaut corps and trains space explorers from the United States as well as the International Space Station partner nations. In 2011, NASA JSC celebrated 50 years of leading America’s human spaceflight program. It is the lead NASA center for the ISS, the largest, most complex human facility to ever operate in space.

Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program

The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) is a FREE service designed to provide technical assistance and speed the transfer of space technology to the private sector. By giving FREE technology assistance to small businesses, SATOP helps them solve their challenges and increase their chances of succeeding. The goal of SATOP is to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the U.S. space program. SATOP finds professionals within Alliance Partner companies who volunteer their time and expertise in solving the challenges brought forth by the inquiring businesses.

Bay Area Houston Advanced Technology Consortium

The Bay Area Houston Advanced Technology Consortium, or BayTech, is a 501(c)(3) technology consortium that brings together academia, industry, NASA Johnson Space Center, and the State of Texas. BayTech pursues federal and private research and technology development funding that creates jobs, retains the work force and knowledge base, generates new revenue streams, and maximizes future opportunities for Texas and the greater Houston region.

East Harris County Manufacturers Association

The East Harris County Manufacturers Association is an alliance of more than 125 chemical manufacturers, refiners and supporting distribution facilities in Baytown, Deer Park, Houston, La Porte, North Channel and Pasadena, Texas.

Since EHCMA’s founding more than 20 years ago, it has grown into the largest network of its kind in the world. Member companies transform natural resources into the materials needed to make many essential consumer products such as cosmetics, gasoline, jet fuel, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, electronics, building supplies, household goods, clothes, plastics, automobile parts and thousands of other everyday items that are a part of everyone’s daily routine.

Houston Region Economic Development Alliance

The Houston Region Economic Development Alliance (HREDA) is a group of approximately 45 economic develop organizations within the Houston Metropolitan Area that meet on a quarterly basis to share information and best practices.

Houston Airport System / Ellington Airport

To bring air service to Houston's population of more than 5.5 million, the Houston Airport System has three facilities: George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P. Hobby Airport, and Ellington Airport. Together the airports form one of North America's largest public airport systems and position Houston as the international passenger and cargo gateway to the south central United States and a primary gateway to Latin America.

Approximately 15 miles south of downtown Houston, Ellington Airport is located off of I-45/Gulf Freeway, the major highway heading from the city to NASA and Galveston Island. Ellington Airport was acquired by the City of Houston in 1984 and now supports the operations of the United States military, NASA, and a variety of general aviation tenants.

For more information on the Houston Airport System and Ellington Airport navigate to this link.

Bay Area Houston Transportation Partnership

The Bay Area Houston Transportation Partnership serves as the transportation management organization facilitating Regional Mobility Management for employers, government agencies and residents in the Bay Area Transportation Partnership regional service area.

Chambers of Commerce

BAHEP, an economic development organization, promotes and advocates for business attraction, retention and expansion across the region. Chambers of commerce are business organizations seeking to further both their members' viability as well as the members' collective interests.  BAHEP and the chambers all are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the region's citizenry. Thus, while their missions are different, BAHEP and the regional chambers' goals are complementary, and the relationships among the organizations are symbiotic.

Chambers of commerce evolved from the European merchant guilds of the Middle Ages. The first association to call itself a chamber of commerce was established in 1599 in the port city of Marseilles, France. Subsequently, other chambers of commerce were formed, with widespread proliferation occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries, most notably in France, Britain, and the United States. Today, chambers of commerce—sometimes called boards of trade or commercial associations—can be found in most of the world's industrialized countries. In the United States, the first chamber of commerce was founded in 1768 in New York City.

A chamber of commerce is a private voluntary association whose membership consists of companies, civic leaders, and individual business people. Its members seek to promote business interests typically in broad-based ways. Chambers of commerce exist on municipal, state, regional, national, and even international levels. (http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/encyclopedia/Ca-Clo/Chambers-of-Commerce.html)

Bay Area Houston is home to a number of them:

Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 

Friendswood Chamber of Commerce Logo


La Porte-Bayshore Chamber of Commerce

Texas City-LaMarque Chamber of Commerce

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
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